Zillow CALLS and Under Armour CALLS to finish the week my fellow tards!!! via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Zillow CALLS and Under Armour CALLS to finish the week my fellow tards!!!

In keeping up with the WSB tradition of trying to lose any gains you make, I’m doing two last calls for this week. FYI I made some significant money on Disney calls (I told you all last week to buy them but some of you didn’t listen! Let this be a reminder: don’t fuck with the mouse!!!!)

I have 50 Zillow calls, $54, exp 02/11 –

The report two days ago I read said that “75% of home buyers have regrets about their new home” – um…..who gives a fuck??? They already bought the house! Even if they overpaid, dude, the real estate market keeps going up not down. But the fact is that people keep buying houses and prices keep going up and that’s good for Zillow.

I also think that if bears or shorts wanted to keep the price of Zillow down or think earnings will be bad, and the best they can come up with is that buyers have regrets, I think that means they don’t know what the hell to write and are getting desperate LOL.

Also the consensus is that earnings will be -1.48. I think that’s really crazy low and anything better than -1.48 means the stock price moves up.

Also with interest rates going up, chances are demand for real estate will increase in the hopes people can buy property before interest rates are raised. That helps Zillow.

My next call is 100 calls Under Armour price $23 exp 02/11 –

This one is basically I think Under Armour has bottomed. Gyms are reopen and people need workout gear. Also Steph has increased basketball shoe interest and if their guidance is good or they announce a new athlete signing a deal with them I can see it going up, and again, during Christmas time I’m sure a lot of people did some workout clothes shopping for them or as gifts.

The stock has beat earnings by a lot the last three quarters. For this quarter the estimate is .06 and I think they beat it, maybe not by a lot, but beat it.

I was also thinking of doing Affirm calls but I just don’t feel too sure. It’s a tough choice but I like Zillow more to make a recovery and the price to go up if only because expectation are SOOO low that any good news and it goes up, my tard ape mind thinks….

Once again, this is not financial advice do your own research. I eat crayon tacos and burritos with spicy red salsa and drink cold Coors Light. Don’t listen to me 🙂

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