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Surprisingly been writing here a few times and have been allowed to say the words “AMC” without the mods, well doing this to me:

PS Mods I’ll do it right here what I usually get in trouble for!:

Current AMC positions: 790 shares, cost basis $13

Reading those positions you are probably thinking to yourself:

wow this retard bought when it was at at $13 the other day lolz

This fucking white claw drinking smooth brain bought $AMC steadily through the past year or so. Most of my position though I got in Jan-March at the lower levels.

I like to think this embodies my emotions/life the past 12-14 months:

Some questions you might want to ask me:

What have I learned?

Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?

What is the fucking point of this post?

You know you need a room with padded walls right?

Anyway as you may or may not have heard AMC threw a decent amount of ape cum… I-I mean money into a fucking gold/silver mining company. A 22% stake in all of Hyne mining croft or whatever to be more specific. Here’s the article that you probably won’t read but will give credit to the author for linking to make you feel like he checked his sources.

Kinda weird right? But it gets weirder. A little while before that the holy ghost himself, Ryan fucking Cohen bought roughly a ~10% is stake in Bed Bath and Beyond. (BBBY)

And now you’re probably thinking:


Well it just so happens that the mining place(mods) and BBBY both fall into the somewhat memestock/over shorted thesis. Which seems odd. Like why the fuck would the CEO Ay Aaron and Ryan Cohen buy into more meme stocks? Seems like super fucking dumb. But what’s the commonality? I can think of a few but then I know I had too many edibles and start sounding like this:

Your thoughts probably: “Spit it out retard what are you trying to say?”

Nothing that hasn’t already been said on a lot of boards. The level of ridiculous shorting and what appears to be not above board shit (coming from a retard) going on with all these stocks. These moves mean something and it isn’t clear yet.

Sure AMC can say it’s going to have its money invested in gold which is supposed to hedge against a crash or go up with some precious metals that company provide/source.

But Ry guy buying BBBY? Odd. Unless he makes them over to into some sort of online housewares version of amazon but better I don’t get the move here.

Anyway idk what I’m trying to say here but I guess that with the recent Jon Stewart shit watch here!, some stuff is coming to light. The DOJ might actually be doing something and trying to find what happens when a supposed “dying stock” suddenly gets hit with buying pressure but magically doesn’t go up up boom boom. Just sort-of-boom, down.

TLDR: Still holding AMC and small positions in other meme stocks even though I am and pretty much always have been in the green on AMC. Why do I do it? Because:

That and I have nothing better to do.

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