You need to be keeping an eye on BBBY, AMC, and GME tomorrow via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

You need to be keeping an eye on BBBY, AMC, and GME tomorrow

I run a stock discovery algorithm which uses social media to find stocks that are about to increase in price that same day. Will not be naming it, so hopefully this post does not count as advertising.

The algorithm collects somewhere north of 100k data points each day, across almost all social media websites. Each data point is a mention of a stock as well as the reach that the mention had (we call this impressions).

Never have I seen such uniformity and focus from all websites. Everybody is discussing these three stocks. If I order the database table based on impressions, there is only 4 stocks in the top 1000 stock mentions.

By far the largest is BBBY which is about 40% of all stock mentions, and holds the top 58 spots. Next is AMC, followed by GME, and last but not least is MEGL.

BBBY controlling the top mentions from the previous day

The impression_score above is also INCREDIBLY high compared to normal. I consider anything above 300 to be high, with most stocks that get recommended being in the 50-150 range. The amount of 800+ for BBBY is insane.

I haven’t seen a scenario like this before and I think that it’s going to be an incredible day.


– I don’t own any stocks due to conflict of interest. My money is mostly in dog coins.

– The algorithm has several layers of validation before finalizing the stock picks, so the above is INCREDIBLY early. This post is mostly just to make people aware of how important tomorrow could be. Do your own research before purchasing anything.

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