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You Must Realize That All Wall Street Analysts Are Probably More Retarded Than You Are

Yes yes, this sub loves to roast Jim Cramer, then immediately utilize a Wall St. analyst to back up their reasoning for Tesla going to 2000 by 2023. Hell, let us remember that Cathie Wood was heralded as a god only 2 years ago and she was the person thinking we would be going through deflation right now. I digressโ€ฆ

If there is only one thing I learned from a 4-year economics degree(it is the only thing), there is no free lunch!

Everything is related to incentives.

If someone was so good at analyzing companies they could earn above-average returns, THEY WOULD NOT MAKE THAT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, they would be making a shitload more money by themselves. Look at every amazing investor/trader like Buffett, Soros, Lynch they share their general principles known but play a closed hand for the most part. (yes 13gs exist but these players are aware of these rules and adjust accordingly)

On a personal note, I have many friends who went into high finance and they are the biggest fucking sickos I know. Wanting to pursue finance for the money alone not for the interest in corporate finance, they only get paid(their incentive) if they write a report, continue to work etc. And most of the time they get shit on for going against the grain and having bad predictions. So what do they do? Write reports like everybody else as to blend in, still collecting their great salaries and phat bonuses. What do people call this? Institutional Imperative, hint, it’s a bad thing.

TLDR: You must understand that these analysts are normal ass retards too just trying to make a buck, except their version is an intentionally wordy confusing report instead of simply REEEEEEEEE ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ•

Edit: Added โ€œTLDRโ€ to the TLDR

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