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YOLO all in on Real Estate/Renewable Energy Play

For the last two weeks I’ve been buying up “Greenbriar Capital Corp”. Trades $GRB on Toronto stock exchange and OTC $GEBRF.

My whole portfolio is now Greenbriar. Why? 5 reasons

  1. Sage Ranch. Greenbriar is building a 995 house project/community in Tehachapi, California. I read the Altus report and the projected net profit is close to $200,000,000. I personally can’t afford or get approved to buy a house right now. I feel that this is a way for millennials to get a piece of the real estate pie that are boxed out of the housing market.

  2. They have profitable Solar Factories in Alberta and Puerto Rico. Their stock is down over 50% because their deal with the Puerto Rican government fell through. The Ceo has said online there’s developments and the deal is close to happening again

  3. Their Ceo sold Western Winds for $420 Million when he was younger and has a history of winning. They have Paul Morris on board for Sage Ranch. He’s the biggest real estate agent in Los Angeles and his team does over $18 billion in volume per year.

  4. They seem to have added an influencer on board and have a social media presence right now. I know how the public can be easily persuaded by influencers/celebrities. I know this because my dumb ass has lol! They instagram is up and running and they finally gave a sneak peak of the sales office and the land.

  5. Greenbriar is currently out performing SPY, QQQ and virtually every other stock in the market YTD. It’s my only green position this year and I believe this will be a 100X by the time Sage Ranch is finished and the Puerto Rican government deal goes through. 6000 Shares all in. Holding for 5-7 years and planning to buy a house after. YOLO.


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