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Why you might not want to be so Optimistic

With Russias attack on Ukraine, Its expected the US will trigger a full list of sanctions against Russia. Russia is expected to retaliate against America and Europe with cyber attacks against key infrastructure, including the financial system and government agencies.

With Russias attack on Ukraine, it’s triggers the very probable ” reunification ” of China. That’s a nice way of saying China would invade Taiwan. So if Russia and China are making moves and the US is tied up with a divided congress, record inflation, rising interest rates, and covid. Russia and China are going to have no problems succeeding.

If this happens , our allies are going to lose faith in America, more than they’ve already done so after Afghanistan. If our allies lose faith in America and we lose geopolitical power, then you can say goodbye to the strength of the US dollar. If that happens, we’ll start an economic depression and MORE supply chain shortages. Imagine the supply chain disaster if we lose Taiwan. They supply our chips for our electronics. The worst part is preventing this is on President Biden…

TLDR: we r probably all fukd, buy canned beans

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