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WHY the world needs Electric Vehicles BADLY in light of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis and super high inflation!

What the hell is going on?

Russia is invading Ukraine, Oil prices have reached $5 a gallon, inflation is at 40-year highs and it seems like the world is getting scarier and scarier everyday…

In this article I talk about the current insane volatility and dooms-day scenario we find ourselves in and specifically how Tesla and electric vehicles can not only save the planet, save your life but also save you lots of money.

It has never been more important to own an Electric Vehicle than it is now, so here is EXACTLY HOW this information ties to your stock portfolio…..


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The market in 2022 is absolutely crazy, inflation has reached the highest levels since 40+ years ago. Meanwhile you might have gotten a 5% raise, woo-hoo, oh. Wait. Because inflation is so f*cking high you’re purchasing power STILL decreased year over year! How crazy is that? The recent macro currents have not been this unpredictable in a very long time, with both the Federal Reserve tightening and potentially WW3 breaking out with the Russian potential invasion of Ukraine.

Because of all this, it is simple. You need an EV. You’ need an EV, because it will drastically reduce the amount of money you’re spending on fuelling up your car and getting it serviced. Tesla recently released an amazing feature that highlights the money Tesla owners are saving by not-having to buy gas for their cars. It’s quite staggering.


In the example above, the user saved nearly $300 per month, $300! Do you not see how crazy that is? With recent gas prices reaching nearly $5 a gallon, it is becoming unjustifiable to purchase an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle as opposed to an EV.

It is a fact that a Tesla will save you money on fuel costs, maintenance, and depreciation. Buying an EV will save the average driver alot of money on running costs. Oh, and not to mention Tesla’s appreciate? Although this is likely not to last, Tesla cars are now selling for MORE than people bought them for a few years ago.

The worlds current dependency on gas and oil is not only disgustingly harmful for the environment, killing it in the process, but it is also becoming more and more economically costly for us to be this dependent on them, this dependency was and is being exploited by Russia and is putting the world on the edge of war, because..


The current crisis in Ukraine and the fact that Russia is using their supply of Natural gas and Oil as a bargaining chip at the political table is costing thousands of people their lives and highlighting the need for the world to transition to sustainable energy NOW, not tomorrow not 2030 but NOW.

Popular Stock market investor Ross Gerber summarized it strongly;

“Gas is $5.50 (!!!!) a gallon in Los Angeles. The best incentive EVER to buy an EV and never go to a gas station again! Save yourself from inflation and supporting the Russian invasion. Say NO to OIL.”

A short but powerful and truthful statement. Currently Russia is preparing an invasion of Ukraine and the European Union is struggling to provide meaningful sanctions because majority of its member-states are dependent on Russian Natural gas and Oil in someway.


This hesitation to react to the clear violation of a countries borders is further reinforced by the current inflationary fears. Every person who owns a car that ISN’T an Electric Vehicle is suffering severely at the hands of unprecedented increasing gas and oil prices.

Currently about 2.3 million barrels of Russian crude ($75 billion a year at current spot prices) heads west each day through a network of pipelines to export terminals on the Baltic and Black Seas, as well as pouring directly into refineries in central and eastern Europe.

This issue is universal and is robbing you of YOUR money.


This isn’t just a European issue, as Ross Gerber mentioned, The United States is also feeling the impact of rising gas prices. The change to sustainable energy driven (literally) by electric vehicles is now more-than-ever an important step we must take to make our economies more resilient to political turmoil and the rash action of dictators.

By increasing our Sustainable energy sources we will be able to supply the grid with clean energy whilst decreasing overall costs and stabilizing prices. You will NEVER have to pay insane amounts of money to power your vehicle, to power your daily commute to work. As battery technology develops and EV’s become widespread, this will become the new reality, it is only a matter of when this happens. But not only does owning an EV save you money, it could save your life…..


The current European energy crisis could last years with natural gas stockpiles running lower and lower every day the recent storms hitting the United Kingdom and North-West Europe highlights the dangers of our current energy dependency.

Europe remains at the mercy of Putin and the Weather. Not only will switching to Electric Vehicles decrease this dependency, but Tesla’s are so well built a Tesla could literally save your life. With the recent storms creating BILLIONS in damage, some people unfortunately died when trees landed on their cars.


A Tree Fell on Tesla owner Sam Fursey’s car when they where driving, but luckily no-one was injured.

“ An old tree fell directly on my car, right above the driver’s seat.
I was driving my best friend and his fiancé to their wedding. We all walked away… thank you higher powers, and Tesla engineers.

With Tesla’s safety-first design, the Model 3 was able to become “The safest car ever tested” by the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Model 3 literally had the lowest probability of injury in a crash compared to over 900 other vehicles tested. 42,060 people.

42,060 people died on American roads in 2020. You NEVER know if this could be you, your loved one or one of your friends. Whether it is a tree falling on your car or a drunk driver t-boning your vehicle, you want to have the safest vehicles. Electric Vehicles in general are able to be safer than ICE vehicles due to the battery lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle and allowing designers (like Tesla) to create significantly stronger castings that will better support the safety of the driver and passengers.

Not only has Tesla driven this safety revolution, but they are also DOMINATING the Electric Vehicle market, and the stock price is about to go crazy when Tesla becomes the MOST PROFITABLE Automaker in the world in the year……


Tesla currently comfortably sits as the biggest manufacturer of Electric Vehicles with a market share of 21% meaning that more than 1 in every 5 EV’s sold in the world was a Tesla car. Not only this, but Tesla has profit margins close to 30% whilst the average manufacturer sits at only 7%… Tesla is thus on the perfect path to dominating the world market by selling the MOST Electric Vehicles and also the MOST profitable vehicles. Reminder…..


Tesla is set to become a Trillion dollar company (again) very soon, potentially adding over $200 billion to its current market valuation.

But more importantly, let me tell you about Tesla’s DOMINANCE and how you should be reacting to the stock market’s recent HUGE violations and specifically how to make or lose money right….


Breathe. Breathe. Stop panicking. There are so many catalysts for Tesla stock in the coming year(s) it is actually unbelievable. Tesla trading around $800 means it is trading at only 8 X 2022 Revenue! It currently looks incredibly cheap when you keep in mind some short term and long term catalysts.

Whenever you see volatility like this in the market, look at the companies you own and look at HOW they’re performing. The current volatility in the year 2022 likely is irrelevant in 2030 when Tesla is producing potentially around 20 million cars per year. So always ALWAYS keep a long-term horizon.

But for everyone panicking in the short term, SHOULD I SELL MY TESLA STOCK? or should I buy more? What DO I DO?!!

I can’t answer that for you, but let me put it this way. Here are the current Short-term Tesla catalysts to keep in mind that:

📈Giga-Texas factory opening soon (Phase 1 capacity of 500,000 vehicles per year)

🏭Giga-Berlin factory opening soon (Phase 1 capacity of 500,000+ vehicles per year) This factory also reduces import costs, thus increasing already high profit margins

🚗Model S and X are ramping production (high margin luxury cars)

🔋 4680 Next-Generation battery cells are ramping production

and so much more, so to ensure you DON’T lose money during this volatile market keep a long term investment horizon. To stay-up to date with all ALL TESLA news feel free to subscribe to my newsletter in which I provide in-depth analysis you will not find anywhere else!

Thank you for reading Tesla Folder, I hope my deep dive was some-what interesting let me know what you thought! Share

TLDR Key-Take-Aways

⚠The Increasing NEED to own an EV

✏A World at War highlighting the importance of EV’s

⚡Being in a Tesla could save your life

📈Tesla’s EV dominance, and the future of the Stock Price

💸 How to make or lose money (stonks only go up)

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