Why only retards are selling the (near) bottom on $FB and are about to get metacucked 🙊 via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Why only retards are selling the (near) bottom on $FB and are about to get metacucked 🙊

I posted this in a thread with some baggie autist 🐻🌈 pumping the puts he bought too late, but it actually became a nice 🐂 case. So take those 🖍️🖍 out of your nose, and strap in for a treat.

  1. $50 billion in cash after their $19 billion buyback, and yes the Zucc cucked himself by cumming too early, but hol’ up
  2. It has a P/E of 16, a 4:1 asset/liability ratio, 65% YoY increase in cash flow, and currently trades at 15x FCF. $AAPL, $MSFT, $AMZN, $GOOG, and $TSLA have a P/E of 25-188 (lol), higher debt ratios, lower margins (FB gross margin is 80%), and trade at 27-272x FCF (guess who’s at 272)
  3. Weekly (and daily) RSI are the most oversold they’ve been since the post-IPO dump, and the weekly is curling to put in a bottom
  4. It bounced off the May 2018 and Feb 2020 high today, delicious
  5. The VWAP is $220.78, so easily in reach
  6. Option flows are primarily being driven by Jan 2023 calls being sold, but IV is also in the 83rd percentile, so expect those to be closed out as IV decreases
  7. The current level also shows a successful test of the -2.618 Fib retrace from the September 2021 dump, with the -3 at $201. For reference, it peaked at 3 Fibs on the nose from the March 2020 crash
  8. The weekly 200 & monthly 50 MA sit right at $230, so closing successfully above that willtake it to $266 and eventually $290 to attempt a gap fill
  9. The aforementioned MAs just happen to be right above the 2018/2020 trend, at $228.56

This is a great spot to dip a toe in, with a stop below $200. If we get a weekly then monthly close over $230, the party is back on.

TL;DR: The Metadump can easily become a Metapump if we clear $230 🚀🌕. If this works out, you can send me donations. If it craters, I’ll obviously delete my rambling 😜

Bonus: Zucc can buy SPOT & PTON for $45 billion (Black Mirror, anyone?), and still have enough for a super-yacht bigger than Jeff Amazon’s + 300 000 metric fucktons of cocaine to make these hoes dance. Oh and he’ll get $5 billion in cash minus transaction costs from the acquisitions, and be back at $50 billion in cash in a year

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