Why I think Putin will launch a nuke 🚀🧨☢️ via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Why I think Putin will launch a nuke 🚀🧨☢️

So everyone thought that Putin wasn’t going to invade Ukraine…

Shit even my buddies in PE who have the ins and out thought that he wasn’t going to invade.

Now we all know Putin is a mad man, he’s 69 and gonna croak soon so he wants to go out with a bang.

He already fucked the Russian economy, he’s Already most hated man in the world, and if he loses ukraine his small ego and pp will kaput.

So why did he send Nukes to Belarus? To show hey look me I got nukes? I think he’s going to launch them. Putin is that kid in school who everyone thinks isn’t going to shoot up the school but does. He’s already stuck in a corner no way out but to win. And we all know he’s going to cheat just like he did in the Olympics so there’s no saying he won’t do that with ukraine.

I don’t think he’s that crazy enough to launch at a city, but maybe in a barren wasteland or in the sea near Ukraine to show he has the means to do so.

But hey im just a mad man spewing shit online.

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