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Why Everything Will Go Back To Normal Shortly

Many people here are preaching it’s the doomsday. They say, the Russian, and American economies, a long with other countries are going to begin to plunge, Russia’s GDP is going to shrink 20% and almost two hundred million people of Eurasia will be eating dandelion salads. The reason? Because of the economic sanctions placed on Russia following their invasion will cripple the region. However, none of these economies are going to fail to and Russia is not going to have 20% GDP shrinkage like some people here say.

Why it won’t happen is because the economic impact of sanctions long term (more than 3 months) would create such an inhospitable condition for the 145 million Russian people that it would initiate a humanitarian crisis. Western leaders, most notably, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Boris Johnson lack the strength and mental fortitude to contend with negative approval especially from groups that are perceived as victims. This was demonstrated during the Black Lives Matter event of 2020 and the ongoing refugee crisis.

During the 2020 riots, none of the Western leaders stood up to looters and rioters. Whether you think that cause is unjust or not is beside the point. It’s to simply say, when people were burning down America and elsewhere they sat idly by because they did not want to risk being disliked by victims. Now, imagine Russians and Ukrainians becoming malnourished, and disease spreading from impaired immune systems as food is hard to come by and the Ruble is worthless. Do you think they would contribute to the starvation of the Russian and Ukrainian population and make millions of helpless people victims because of Putin’s actions? Do you think they could comfortably live or politically survive with that on their hands? No, of course not.

Western leaders will capitulate quickly once the invasion and annexation of Ukraine is over and lift sanctions. Western leaders will not be able to handle the blow-back of their decision to cripple the 145 million of Russia, plus the 45 million people of Ukraine.

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