why did the fish win? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

why did the fish win?


  • market manipulation, bot accounts pumping and hyping up stocks here so other people can sell their stocks for more money after the pump => advertised stock drops ($pltr; yes im trying to make you holders angry, sold for juicy 28$)
  • meme stocks
  • betting on high risk, small stocks
  • betting on very specific innovations that probably wont make it
  • EVERYTHING IS PRICED IN ALREADY => people arguing a stock is good for a certain reason => already priced in => stocks dropping due to the ukraine conflict => already priced in => meteorite hitting the earth and extinguishing all life on this planet => already priced in => joe mama deciding to switch from eating at subway to consuming 1 kiloton of McDonalds food a week => already priced in

Now the goldfish in comparison:

  • Unbiased and neutral
  • Doesnt care about hype or memes
  • Gets only 2 stocks to choose from and does intense DD on both of them
  • Has twice the IQ of an Ape

Fuck You.

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