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tl;dr I’m going to be posting morning news highlights daily so that people here can have better informed discussions. The news starts after this paragraph. After the break I explain what this is/why I’m doing it/why you might want to pay attention.

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Things You Should Watch:


  1. Authorities in the Chinese city of Shanghai have denied rumours of a city-wide lockdown after a sixth straight increase in daily asymptomatic coronavirus cases pushed its count to record levels despite a campaign of mass testing aimed at stifling the spread. RTRS
  2. Russia warned that up to 1M BPD of oil would be cut from a key pipeline sending product to global markets for up to two months as repairs were made. FT
  3. The French govt says there is no ceasefire agreement in sight between Russia and Ukraine after Macron spoke to the leaders of both countries. CNN
  4. Putin is coming under criticism inside Russia as dissent rises following his catastrophic assault on Ukraine (there are reports of “fissures” within the Russian leadership). NYT
  5. Oligarch companies want to pay their debts. But sanctions stand in the way. Steel giant Severstal could become the first major default since Russia invaded Ukraine and the West unleashed punishing sanctions, according to a person familiar with the matter. WSJ
  6. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas warned that a cutoff of Russian energy could cause a global recession. A downturn appears “unavoidable” if the bulk of Russian oil-and-gas products are off the world markets for the rest of the year, according to a report by the regional Fed bank. WSJ
  7. The Ukrainian army blocked Russian attempts to advance on all fronts in the past day, its General Staff said. President Zelenskiy will take part via video in tomorrow’s NATO summit to be attended by Joe Biden. The government said about 100,000 people remain under bombardment in Mariupol as civilian evacuations continued. BBG
  8. The EU crackdown on Big Tech may be broader than expected. The bloc may unveil legislation tomorrow to curb the market power of companies that are worth at least 75 billion euros, run at least one core platform like a social network and have at least 45,000 active users, the FT said. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft meet the standards, but Booking.com and Alibaba may also qualify. BBG
  9. Fed’s Mester anticipates “some” 50bp hikes this year (Mester becomes the latest Fed official to signal the potential for one or many 50bp moves this year); Fed may be about to follow its 1994 playbook whereby it tightened very aggressively in a short period of time but avoided a recession. RTRS
  10. SPX futures liquidity remains weak – even for comparable volatility environments…


  • T-Mobile Raised to Overweight at KeyBanc; PT $155


  • 7am: March MBA Mortgage Applications, prior -1.2%
  • 10am: Feb. New Home Sales MoM, est. 1.1%, prior -4.5%
  • 10am: Feb. New Home Sales, est. 810,000, prior 801,000


  • 8am: Powell Takes Part in Bank for International Settlements Panel on Innovation
  • 11:45am: Fed’s Daly Takes Part in Bloomberg Event
  • 3pm: Fed’s Bullard Discusses the Economic Outlook
  • 9:05pm: Fed’s Bullard Discusses the Economic Outlook

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