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what the FUCK would an ape do with PYPL

I have a 186 cost basis. A few months ago every “expert” in the land was suckling at the PYPL teet. Then In a matter of a few weeks they all turned tail. In 2019 the full year EPS was 2.07 and the stock was around 120ish. Now they’re projecting high 4s EPS and the stock is at 120…wtf? So they lost eBay and the market treated it like it was gonna go BK because of that, who the fuck uses eBay anyway anymore. They gained Amazon with Venmo and the market barely gave 2 shits about that…AMAZON!

I get their growth has slowed down due to less free allowance money from Powell out there, but that isn’t a PayPal story that’s a story every company almost.

So the stock has been destroyed thrown out to die. Finally starting to get some back but with a 186 cost basis im still down 30+ %

What would an ape do here? Add more? Cut and run? Wait it out?

Im not in TO deep but deeper than I wanna be so somewhat hesitant to add more

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