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What most people are forgetting about fed rate rises vs. inflation

There seems to be a lot of people here that seem to think that fed won’t raise the interest rates to fight inflation at the risk of the economy / markets tanking (ala what they have been doing for the past 3 decades).

Yes, based on past precedent for the last 3 decades, we’ve seen the fed being super accommodative to the stock markets with interest rate decisions, having kept them at historic lows at the fear of having stocks or property go down.

But inflation is a complete different beast to what fed has been fighting all these past years (i.e., keeping property / stocks high for the top echelon elites by sacrificing wealth equality and peasants).

Inflation is something that the top richest and most powerful elites of this world fear more than anything.

Why? Because it erodes their wealth. Taking the Rothschild family for example (with an estimated net worth of $400bn). You really think they aren’t freaking the fk out if inflation suddenly zooms and turns their $400bn into the price of a big mac??

NO. This is why the feds will raise interest rates substantially to fight inflation. Their priority has always been for the top echelon of society and they will do damn anything to keep that power structure in balance even if it means tanking the global economy.

tldr; the fed would rather preserve the value of the currency to keep the power hegemony of the top 0.01% and for the global economy to tank than to allow inflation to run rampant and risk hyperinflation and eroding the wealth of the top 0.01%

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