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What do you do when you’re over investing?

BACKGROUND I’ve (27) been managing my portfolio for 8 years. Coming from a lower middle income family, actively managing my portfolio gave me a needed sense of empowerment as I learned how to reap gains from a system that I grew up subjected to.

But I’ve lost the time and the will to do it. The scratch has been itched and I want/need to spend my time on other pursuits. But all I’ve known is investing in stocks and crpto.

QUESTION I want to move my portfolio to something that: • Only invests in companies with high ethical standards (a must) • Responds to broader scale forecasts (i.e. perhaps would have pivoted away from tech stocks and into REITS in this latest era). • Requires no tinkering from me.

I’m considering mutual funds, but don’t really understand how to identify the right ones (yes, I’ve read the articles, but most ESG funds actually have pretty pathetic standards). Also loosely considering a financial advisor, but for a $100k portfolio, I’m not sure if it could pay off. I’m concerned that ETFs and index funds don’t have the ability to respond to broader market trends and therefore would still require me to keep an eye on them.

What would you do in my shoes?

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