We’s got’s a long’s ways to’s go’s via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

We’s got’s a long’s ways to’s go’s

Two men enter, one man leave. Some bears are leaving, but too many still around! They all at their think tanks as we speak, trying to figure out what new tricks they want to pull on us.


And in this Battle Royale, winning the battle is never going to be enough. I want to kill the bear, and then I want to cook that motherfucker and eat him. And I ain’t leaving until that fucking bear is digested and shat out through my stinking asshole! And after that I’m gonna go hopping on that shit until my feet are as black as rot!

We’re just battling now. That chart above shows where we were…where we are…and where we have to go. Battle and battle until that mofo is dead. Still a long, long, long fucking way to go. HODL!

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