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We need to talk about a crowded trade…

Look, we all know the markets have been brutal lately. I’m getting more margin calls than spam calls, and I am sure you’re experiencing the same. It seems like we’ve all adopted the same coping strategy – offering services behind our local Wendy’s to fund the next yolo.

It’s now clear to me that Wendy’s is the next bubble – it’s a crowded trade. We can’t all work behind the Wendy’s without diluting the value of our services or prompting a crackdown.

I am incredibly bullish on Jack in the Box. Their late night taco crowd is less price sensitive and last time I was there I got paid in cough syrup – highly attractive during a pandemic! I think you’ll also see more attractive price / competition profile from blue-chip restaurants like In n Out and Chik Fila, although their family friendly environments may come with increased regulatory challenges.

Would love to hear your thoughts and see if I’m missing anything here.

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