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Using STOP orders with Investing

If you buy stocks, use STOP orders.  

Don’t ride the submarine to the depths of the ocean.  If it’s a submarine, you want out!  Not because the submarine may come back to the surface for oxygen, but because a submarine can stay under for a LOOOONG time, or it can sink (which you don’t want).  So instead, the goal is to avoid the submarines and to try to ride dolphins…and then hop onto a hot air balloon, that then brings you to an trans-orbital space shuttle that brings you to the international space station.  From there, you want to hop into a space ship that will take you as far as Mars.  From there, you want to hop out and hitch a ride w/ passing by aliens, and ride w/ them to another galaxy.  

Each of those levels, use stops!  Careful that the dolphin isn’t on LSD and swims you down to the submarine or to antarctica.  Don’t let the air balloon drop you back into the ocean where you may hurt the dolphin.  The trans-orbital rocket can easily explode. And don’t let the international space station explode w/ you in it…you will be stranded in outer space and freefall back onto the top of the hot air balloon.  Be weary of the space shuttle ship flying on the wrong course into the sun (that is oblivion).  And make sure the extraterrestrials are headed in the direction away from earth.  

Do I have any stocks that are in orbit or in outer space or on their way out of the ocean.  No.  So take what I say with a tub boat overflowing of salt.  But, conceptually, what I said ought to be the real goal.  Long term investing but playing it w/ smart, protective tools to ensure that we stay away from submarines.  The main goal really is to avoid submarines.  Anything else is bonus.  

Anyone want a stop order demo…this is the only thing I know how to do well, haha.

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