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Fist time posting here. Maybe this is full retard, maybe it’s genius…

So currently 1 USD = 108 RUBLES.

2 days ago 1 USD = 83.53 rubles.

Is this the dip? Does it make sense to go to my bank and exchange usd for rubles on the bet that this conflict will end before it goes nuclear and the ruble rebounds?

Is there a better way to do this? Is this the dumbest thing ever or what? I guess if the world goes nuclear, the USD isn’t worth shit anyways so what’s the down side… Russia collapses and the ruble is worth nothing… I think Russia will go nuclear before that happens.

Is this buying the ruble dip?

EDIT: 40+ comments and only 5 upvotes means this is prob getting down voted to shit… I’m just a regular guy who understands that I’m a nobody, that I don’t matter and that I can’t change events in the world but maybe I can scrape a tiny but of profit from things that are out of my control.

I’m just trying to pay my bills, I’m looking for the edge. I don’t care about politics as over the course of my life politics has shown me they don’t care about me.

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