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US Fertilizer Supply – Message From Farmer

Yea so there is a lot going on in the Ag industry I can’t really say that it’s a fertilizer shortage yet because all the local plants still have it and it’s available but they have made comments that after the tanks are empty they’re not sure when the next shipments will be coming in. It’s more so price gouging the price of fertilizer is up 200% compared to last year, and as far as chemistry it’s very difficult to almost impossible to find chemicals like roundup and atrizine and if you do find them you’ll be paying in upwards to 45$ per gallon versus the 12 bucks a gallon we bought it for last year thankfully we put our orders in right after harvest last year and got all the chemicals we need for this year. But it’s going to become a very interesting world in the next 5 years, if the cost to grow the corn/soybeans went up 200-300% then you could only imagine what the cost of the finished product on the store Shelves will be,

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