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Unpopular opinion – There will not be any bull run

Okay so, I see a lot of posts of peoples opinions and thinking that the bull run isn’t over etc. and providing there own opinions on it.

I personally do not see a bull run at all. I see maybe certain trends and moments of momentum here and there but no bull run.

This is now going to be an institutional prop up game. Institutions now more so than ever, will be motivated to prop up stocks and essentially rug pull, $FB style when the time is right.

Doesn’t mean FDs are done, fuck the world could be going through an apocalypse and FDs will always remain relevant.

But, this is now time to go back and focus on real DD and stocks where their business and business models are profitable, cash positive, have low debt, etc.

This will soon be a market where if your bag holding really bad companies, you’ll be bag holding far longer then you think.

TL;DR – There will not be massive on-going bull runs. Maybe some momentum trends here and there, but as a whole, the real and realistic DD and smart plays involving sound companies can go a long way here, including FDs.

The markets will eventually need to correct itself naturally due to the state of its economy. This is inevitable, we are just putting blankets and band-aids on it atm and playing willful blindness to the actual current state of our economies.

I will say, it really does depend how quickly the world acts on removing restrictions and mandates and getting the economy back up and running at full capacity. This is a very crucial component the has continuously been ignored by governments.

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