Ukraine will fall and Taiwan is next: (I’ve been right mods don’t delete my shit) via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Ukraine will fall and Taiwan is next: (I’ve been right mods don’t delete my shit)

retarded mods deleted this and i got some retards who read WSB sorted by new (imagine how retarded you must be) who downvoted but i’ve been right so far.

From everything I’ve read online and in Biden’s state of the union speech I’m getting the impression that the west (and reddit in general) is delusional about Russia and Putin at the moment. I believe these things to be true:

Russia is going to level Ukraine’s major cities just like Putin did in Grozny. The losses so far will only lead them to indiscriminately bomb and starve Kiev and Kharkiv. Zelensky, if he miraculously survives, will sour on the west for not giving them military aide and he will negotiate a surrender.

Financial sanctions will continue but will have no real impact on the situation militarily.

Russian oil and natural gas will never be sanctioned and will only have reduced consumption over the next 10 years in the west which will be offset by China’s increases in consumption.

Since oil makes up around 40% of Russia’s budget and they have large reserves in foreign currency and gold they will have more than enough to finance this war, quite possibly another following it.

After seeing the disaster in Afghanistan and Russia taking Ukraine, China will move to take Taiwan.

China takes Taiwan easily. More Western Sanctions. Cold War II Market Crash before 2030.

How should I invest over the next ten years given these assumptions?

Current position: 100% XLE ETF

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