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Twitter Recant

Earlier today, a tweet was made from our official WSB twitter, @Official_WSB, stating the following:

The corruption is even deeper in many ways, than SS understands. We haven’t come out with everything that happened.

In a thread about corruption in public markets.

The moderator that made this statement tweeted it without the knowledge of anyone else.

When pressed on what they meant by corruption, they were evasive until finally they relented, stating that they were talking about the NFT/Crypto scammers using the WSB name.

It is clear that this tweet was intended to produce outrage using misinformation. It is completely unacceptable.

As a result, the individual in question has been removed as a moderator across all WSB platforms and all their moderator actions will be manually reviewed.

WSB moderators are simply janitors. We know nothing more than you do. We don’t get to see behind the curtain or have access to any special information, but if we did, we definitely wouldn’t share it with any of you.

For posterity, you can find the tweet here:

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