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Twitter & Elon musk. Am I Simping or is it just reality

Elon musk the CEO of $TSLA and SpaceX just bought few billion $ worth of stock in $TWTR. Elon officially hold the majority stake 9.2% of the social media giant Twitter.

Elon history in entering companies as cofounder or founder was a pure success. PayPal and Tesla is a great example of how Elon positively change companies to the better

Elon is not Wall Street investor he doesn’t buy stocks just for profit.Instead Elon the modern time Thomas Edison buy into companies to make them significantly better.

Future of Twitter with Elon

Twitter as a company will not be the same as before. Elon already discussing positive changes in the platform like Better free speech and the stupid Edit button that Twitter talked about adding it before 1 Year

One year 360 days for Edit button ! OH the productivity! Anyway

Elon is a business wizard. He will make $TWTR the $TSLA of social media. He will use his successful experience in Tesla and Paypal to advance the company.

The conclusion

Elon is not investor the 9.2% stake is predictive of his great interest in Twitter. Elon will change Twitter to the better just like how he changed Tesla and PayPal. Twitter will reach all time highs in stock price in the near and middle term future.

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