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TurboTax IntuShit Short Play

Good morning apes,

My ROKU short play turned out pretty well so I am moving on to my next short. Personally I think you can short basically anything aside from Oil/Gas right now and make some amount of profit in the short term. The Russia Ukraine situation continues to destabilize and nobody wants to HODL through the upcoming 3 day weekend.

One thing I want to mention is that I really fucking hate TurboTax and always have. They are predatory pieces of shit that only make money through regulatory capture of their own design. The IRS wants to do everyones taxes for them for free, but IntuShit spends millions lobbying to keep that illegal and keep themselves in business. I hate this organization so god damned much, shorting them makes me proud to be an American.

While the regulatory capture does work in their favor, they are losing steam. People are discoving plenty of better tax options out there such as FreeTaxUSA (my personal favorite).

On the technical side, this thing looks like it topped out in November and is on the way down. Support at $525 has broken and we are now sub 500 moving down. You could argue there is a head and shoulders pattern playing out here as well.

Earnings are next week on the 24th. And as you saw with ROKU and other recent earnings, any company that doesnt absolutely crush earnings gets pummelled. They also do not deserve a PE of 65.

I would really love to see this company go out of business, they are worthless parasites, and its about time for America to take Ivermectin and shit this thing out.

Position: Short 21 shares INTU into earnings, will increase this position if the trend continues. Proof

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