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$TSLA to $10 Trillion

Tesla is already at $1 Trillion again since it bottomed couple of days ago. By the time Texas Gigafactory opens up this will be around $2 Trillion overtaking Amazon and Google in Market Cap. Once the share price hits $2,000 Papa MUSK will announce a 10:1 split. This will lead to doubling of the valuation to $4 Trillion Market Cap hence overtaking Microsoft and Apple.

Once it is the largest public company by Market Cap, Elon will announce another two Giga factory probably by end of this year. Once he does that Market Cap will reach $5 Trillion.

This year Tesla is slated to produce approximately 2 Million Cars with Berlin and Austin factories coming online, the factories will be in full production by next year and another two factories going online they will be able to produce 5 million cars at the end of 2023. By 2025, they will be producing around 10 million cars hence by that time or end of 2024 Tesla will reach a Market Cap of $10 Trillion Dollars.

Position: $1000 Calls. Exp 03/25.

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