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$TSLA prediction using Wyckoff Result vs Effort Model (AAPL reference)

First off, I’m not a financial advisor, I am an absolute idiot.

So, this isn’t going to be the best DD in the world, but I think it offers a pretty significant correlation between the $AAPL Daily chart that is referenced in the Result vs Effort Model that Richard Wyckoff taught.


What we are expecting here, is one last spike in volume on the decline, before a significant increase in value. I’m predicting it to get into the low 900’s, maybe 800’s again one last time before value incentive really kicks in to take this baby beyond the stratosphere.

Not to mention, Elon is splitting the stock because it is currently over bought.


Wyckoff Price Cycle Visual

The reason for Elon’s stock split is to level out the growth of his company, creating more supply so the demand can continue to rise at a healthy rate. I believe this markdown (one more dip with a volume spike) will occur before the stock split in order to prepare $TSLA to be transferred into its new, healthier and more fruitful soil.

If there is anything I may have gotten wrong, please share your opinions with me.

Enjoy your happy meal

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