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$TSLA – Multi Trillion Dollar Company

Why $TSLA is up?

As noted before, with the current climate of what is happening, energy independence is the golden goose right now.

Tesla does EV, solar panel and solar roof, and batteries for home and industry.

This matters a lot! This company, has been made in perfect timing for this moment. As I mentioned earlier, I own a Tesla.

As of late with gas prices, I’ve been communicating with many colleagues asking about my Tesla, experience, how it works, what do I pay to charge etc. This is a big deal.

Germany and other Europeans have been moving away from ICE. They’ve legislated banning ICE vehicles by 2030-2040 based on different countries.

Tesla is the number one EV in Europe and with their vertical integration, and battery technology and supercharger network in Europe, China, Middle East and North America, Tesla has built the perfect storm company.

I’m my opinion, as apple was perfectly timed for the iPhone, Tesla is 10x more perfectly timed.

Their solar and battery products are so demand constrained it’s insane. As soon as they ramp supply, they’ll print.

I have a model S. Im waiting for my solar and battery for my place and my parents place. My neighbor was an earlier adopter. Pays barely anything for energy. Car charges from solar. He hasn’t seen thr inside of a gas station or charge station in years. He only uses the super charger when he does his cross america trips.

I’ve driven my car to Miami, LA, New York. The supercharger network is amazing.

Elon you alien! 🤣

List of countries banning ice


Canadians know:


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