Today I made another leap into $F Calls via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

TW for some of you, you might think this is a “boomer” play but this $F $30 Call 1/20/23 LEAP yolo caught my attention today after I noticed it’s OI and that there was another big buy earlier just at open into it.

What I liked more about this was the gREEEEEEEEEEEEEks below.

The delta is telling me if it moves another $3-4 in the near future, move .11 each $1 the underlying stock. So muh math tells me that 3x$.11 is .33 and covers my initial buy in of .31 each contract as I have set a limit to sell at .62 to get back my cost basis and play with the houses money (Robinhood is my yolo risk account).

If for some reason this goes in the opposite direction I’m prepared to buy 2-3 more to keep my average low and into the .20’s.

Ford as you may know suspended it’s dividend and recently brought it back. In the past I made bets on Ford and it played out pretty well into my favor. I had a few initial calls but trimmed along the way due to some bills to pay off and opportunity cost of other investments I had:

With that said; this is another yolo. Everyone has different risk, do your own DD as well, this isn’t advice.

Ford has hit my sweet spot, below a 200d and just above a 50d.

50 Day Moving Average: 17.02

200 Day Moving Average: 18.1

Cash: $47,420,000,000.00Revenue: $37,678,000,000.00Assets: $257,035,000,000.00Debt: $138,092,000,000.00

Shares Outstanding3,933,395,476

Market Cap67,929,739,871

1 Year Change40.01%

2 Year Change246.84%

5 Year Change78.10%

Next Earnings Date: 04/27/2022

PE Ratio: 3.7871293901165184

Beta: 1.4308331019859424

Put Call Ratio: 0.1892

This is what I bought this morning

Go get your tendies and stay green.

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