Tilrays only direction is going up πŸπŸš€ via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Tilrays only direction is going up πŸπŸš€

Dear fellow tilray investors

I know that you suffered a lot the last months no the last years. We were on a continuous down trend. But this down trend will be broken and will turn to a long long up trend. I will explain you why. Firstly tilray is the global leader of medical cannabis. As an example here in Germany Tilray has already a market share of 20%. They even have a cannabis plantation in NeumΓΌnster where they cultivate fresh cannabis in Germany. So they have already build up infrastructure for the upcoming legalization in Germany. I know that the federal legalization in Germany may take some time because other political topics may be prioritised right now. But in the US the federal legalization is on a good way. Dear tilray investors I truly think this is the time for Tilray to blow up. Do you know why Irwin D Simon is acquiring so many companies. Not because he is a dumb fatty pig like guys are saying here. It is because Irwin D Simon sees a future in this company. He sees Tilray as a global leader in the cannabis market. What do you need to be a global leader: a big market share and a huge presence internationally. Tilray has already many subsidiaries in some countries like Germany , Portugal or France etc. And the acquisitions that Irwin D Simon made or will make are just there to help growing the already big market share. We need to believe that after the federal legalization bill has passed and Irwin D Simon won’t have any limitations to operate. His planted seeds in Tilray will finally grow!!!! And we , we tilray investors who are going to invest early are going to collect those juicy fruits. Even the big guys have levered their price targets up to near 10$. The stock is still undervalued you don’t have to be the best fundamental analyst to see this the price to book ratio is at 0.86. totally undervalued!!

We will see us at a least 25 bucks in a few months when the bill pass this week. Maybe even more we’ll see. Now is the time my friends for the big big rally πŸš€πŸ

This is not a financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor.

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