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This Retard Just Got a Bloomberg Terminal

Hello fellow tards, I have just gotten myself a Bloomberg Terminal subscription. How the fuck does a retarded ass ape like me use it and what is so good about it? Its interface sucks, it looks like some shit that hedgies use to make themselves look so sophisticated; something my wife’s boyfriend would use to impress her. So fucking complicated, just let us swipe left and right like we’re looking for a quick $20 blowie behind the Wendy’s. Why is it all black? I know my colors, I’ve eaten plenty of crayons, and I can tell you, I’ve never been in the black! Just give me a rainbow bear if the future is red and a rocket ship if it is green! Please help me guys, it costs almost as much as the capital losses I harvest every year! I need this to work, I can only live off selling clips of my wife getting railed by her boyfriend for so long!

Submitted February 23, 2022 at 02:16AM by RoyalAsianMunchies
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