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There’s an APPS for that! Why Digital Turbine should crush earnings tomorrow

Hello fellow primates and crayon-eaters. It is I, SECmydick here with my first ever DD. I have been lurking on WSB for years and have decided that now that things can’t get much worse for my portfolio, I may as well make a shitty well-researched DD for you guys.

Here’s the highlights for you retards that can’t read very well (all of us):

  • Profitable! (means they make more money than they spend, you’re welcome)
  • Growing at fuckin’ 337% YOY (that’s year over year for you smooth brains)
  • And the best part…. Cramer doesn’t like it.

Disclaimer: long only 75 shares bc I am poor.

Digital Turbine is probably one of the most misunderstood stocks on Wall Street. In fact, Cramer literally doesn’t even know what they do. In his “lightning round” bullshit two weeks ago, he said:

Digital Turbine: “It’s another one of those creative video situations. I got like 70 of them. At least it makes money. But there’s just too many of them.

I don’t know how much coke he’s been doing, but APPS is an end-to-end, one-stop advertising and monetizing platform. They recently acquired Appreciate, AdColony and Fyber so they’re literally in every step of advertising now. Buy side, sell side, and in between.

Oh yeah, and they report earnings tomorrow (Tuesday) after close. Look at similar ad-centered companies like GOOG and SNAP to get an idea of how APPS might do… just sayin’.

For you 🌈🐻s… their logo is a freakin’ rainbow. So you should go long.

Not financial advice. This is my first DD. Buy at your own risk.

TL;DR – GOOG do good, SNAP do good, APPS probably do good

Submitted February 07, 2022 at 04:11PM by SECmydick
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