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The Race On Digital Loans – $LDI stands Out

In the last 3 months, 7 ranked analysts set 12-month price targets for LDI. The average price target among the analysts is $6.42. Analysts compare their price target to the current market price of the stock to determine how much potential upside or downside movement there could be in the stock price.

I like what I have found and through deep research and detailed DD I have found that loanDepot, Inc. is a customer-centric and technology-enabled residential mortgage platform. The Company originates conventional and government mortgage loans, servicing conventional and government mortgage loans and provides a suite of ancillary services. – The company has a MarketCap of 1.4 Billion and a 52 week high over $38.00 – Look at the Right Now Margin of Profitability!!

It has built mello, the technology platform that functions across all aspects of its business, including lead generation, originations, data integration, processing, closing, and servicing. mello creates a user interface on the front-end and also integrates data from its vendors and internal data sources. mello applies intelligent logic-based underwriting parameters to automatically determine and validate loans. With only 309 Million Outstanding shares and a in-house strategy that will continue to excite the market place..

It has loan product suite, including conventional agency-conforming loans, conventional prime jumbo loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, and home equity loans. The Company’s ancillary businesses include settlement services, real estate services and insurance services.


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