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The Final YOLO

Last year, I YOLO’d everything into $WISH calls with a $15 strike and have been desperately rolling down ever since. My cost basis has increased with every roll. I now have 643 $5/$10 Jan ‘23 call debit spreads.

I want to roll down my long leg from $5 to $3, to keep the trade alive, but don’t have any tendies.

So, what did this drastic hu$tler do? I borrowed NZD$20k from a pay-day loan shark at 47.45% interest p.a. However, the funds were not enough so I YOLO’d into $340/$320 Feb/April $QQQ put debit spreads, which have also moved against me after the recent Apple earnings rally.

Now, I need my $QQQ put debit spreads to print, before April, to use the tendies to roll down my $WISH long leg to keep the trade alive. I call this ‘The final YOLO’ because it may very well be so.

I now have 5 personal loans totalling NZD$185k and my only assets are $QQQ and $WISH options.

In my mind, Ima Southern Playa in a Cadillac hu$tlin tendies. In real life, I’m gambling on options with high interest loans.

A great philosopher once said: “Get rich or die tryin’”.

Proof of positions and pay-day loan shark below.

The Final YOLO

🎵Forever pimpin

Never slippin

That’s how it is🎵

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