The end of the current monetary regime was the day G7 nations seized Russia’s foreign exchange reserves. That includes gold. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

The end of the current monetary regime was the day G7 nations seized Russia’s foreign exchange reserves. That includes gold.

The End.

Given this regime’s inevitable end, why on earth wouldn’t China sell treasury bonds to buy Russian commodities? Or simply print renmimbi to buy Russian commodities? Anybody have any clue what this will do to the USD and inflation? Not masterbate it, but exacerbate it! Then to blue ball things worse, we have this digital gold thing harder than Demi Moore’s tits in Striptease dancing on the table ready to margin call 50 years of [shady] fiat standard. Now look, I understand we have goldbugs (who for whatever reasons are the angriest investors, angry about everything in the world it seems) littering this sub, but I’d implore they exercise counterintuitive caution here. I anticipate this year that a country will dump their gold on the open market in favor of digital gold. I’m eyeing Taiwan as that first mover. I’m eyeing Turkey as well. The game theory here would favor the first 2 maybe 3 countries out the door. The rest might get screwed, some generationally. Consider also that protection to gold’s downside won’t work for nation states late to the new order’s planting, as the green beanstalk on the derivative premiums grow a hole through heaven’s floorboards. Climb a little higher and you might even reach the price of digital gold as it augments like Salma Hayek’s bust post 50.

The old monetary order is crumbling. Covfefe put the final crack in it. Ukraine is going to cleave it, unleashing a hell we cannot yet understand. First this century’s largest refugee crisis. It will number over 15M and won’t be unsustainable on the west and energy. Then there will come a food crisis. This will destabilize the Middle East first and draw them closer to China. There will be an outright depression as the USD falters causing weaker currencies to get BlackedRaw. Neon and the other things Ukraine produces so critical to semiconductors and chips will end all SPAC EV startups in a space even Patrick Bateman would consider immoral.

So I’m getting 50% out of the markets. I’m going digital gold with that 50%. 25% of what’s left is going into green energy. 5% is going to short the top 4 EV startups. And the remaining 20% is going to short gold via GLD. My belief is that when the global central bank dumping commences, gold will dive 75% to $500 an ounce. And it’s here that silver will pull the upset, flipping gold’s mkt cap. The pressure this gold dumping will put on fiat currencies cannot be understated, but digital gold will be hot rolling Sinaloa chalk and Bolivian marching powder banging everyone from cancelled celebrity milfs to the literal retard Victoria’s Secret recently hired.

I apologize for my degen tongue, but as an autist, I get really excited when I see patterns and contradictions nobody else has yet and it’s a way for me to take off my helmet and pretend I belong in the normal homeroom without pronunciations of the word “love” written on the walls.

Gold bad. Silver ok. Digital gold best. Green energy competitive. EV startups kaput.

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