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The Coffee DD

Hello fellow retards

I come to you with a new bullish investment opportunity. Yes you heared right. Bullish. Have had it with the ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿป shit in the past few weeks and wanna hear some solid green crayon stuff? Here you go:


A few days ago, I was watching this video on YT where that dude explained how the start of coffee consumption (and therefore caffeine) was one of the big contributors to the economic upswing in Europe. People used to drink alcohol more regularly during the day. It was their main drug. That changed with coffee though. People were able to work earlier in the day and for longer in the evening.

Main Part

So you see the people themselves are mentally and physically dependent on that shit. What’s even better is that your bosses need you to stay that way too. They need the working force. So you best believe that coffee will be needed no matter the state of the economy. It’s basicly on the same level as water at this point in our society.


I’m currently broke bc I’m on this sub too much but as soon as I get some money I’m gonna go full margin on coffe futures or some other stupid derivative, idk.

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