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The Amazon for Cryptocurrencies

Hey Everyone!

I’m working on, a startup to build the Amazon for cryptocurrencies – a physical e-commerce platform where all products are bought and sold with cryptocurrencies. Check it out and sign up for the waitlist at

Since December 2021, our co-founders and management team have been working tirelessly to effectuate a high-quality website by which cryptocurrency enthusiasts can trade a variety of cryptocurrencies for real-world items. Upon our debut, the platform will be decentralized, secure, scalable, and, having examined similar platforms currently on offer, we truly believe that our services offer the easiest link between the cryptocurrency and product markets. The platform has no fees, is integrated with Metamask and Coinbase wallets, and has social e-commerce with NFTs as proof-of-purchase for each product.

We already have three excellent sellers on board to launch in one month’s time. Our committed founders– Gabriel Romualdo, Vincenzo Francia, and Luigi Rivolta– have extensive experience in e-commerce businesses with over a decade of combined experience in the cryptocurrency market.

We’d love to get your feedback on this project! Write your feedback at or DM me what you think and any questions you have.

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