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The 1 way to actually time the markets

Some of you are probably thinking “Timing the market? That’s impossible!!!”. Well some of you are retarded.

I’ve been doing some research, such as scrolling through comment sections, with upvotes here and there, and I’ve also stared at the candlesticks for the S&P for more than I’d like to admit. All this has made me realise is that there’s only 1 way to time the market. Inverse whatever the comment section majority is in r/stocks.

I haven’t got the chance to try time the top, but I swear every comment was talking about how we would fall another 10%. What happens then? We get 2 extremely strong green days. Coincidence? I highly doubt it. As they say in books, Correlation = Causation, and it seems to be holding pretty true here.

For those too retarded: Bear comments = YOLO calls, Bull comments = YOLO puts

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