Thank you to mods for actuall doing something via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Thank you to mods for actuall doing something

You might disagree with the policy, but I respect mods who actually notice there is an issue and try to do something about it rather than getting caught up in an endless “feedback” cycle where every idea seems bad.

The sub has basically gone to shit since GME happened. The memes are low quality, and the gain/loss porn isn’t engaging anymore. It’s just dumb.

Not to mention, the amount of just factually incorrect comments and posts is astounding. This sub has gone from retarded to just stupid, and I for one do not care for stupidity.

I’m tired of the “every time I buy it goes down, and every time I sell it goes up” echo chamber filled with the people the hedge funds prey on. We get it, you’re always a step behind the computers plugged directly into the exchanges and the algorithms that make up 70% of the trades in the market. You “trade” on sentiment without even a basic understanding of business, and then post bullshit to seek validation.

Hopefully the new measures will purge some of the riff raff so we can get back to polishing our brains to a fine sheen.

Say what you will, but something needed to be done, and at least the mods are trying to implement a solution they think might work. If it doesn’t, we’ll reevaluate and go from there.

Submitted February 04, 2022 at 05:41PM by PhilosopherSully
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