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Tech stocks will continue to go up in the long run.

In the lung run, tech stocks will increase their products and subscription fees. This will generate more revenues. Stocks will appreciate. Buy stocks now when people have inflation worries. Stocks will quickly appreciate in the coming months. Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are the best stocks to buy and hold. The worlds’s population always increases, every day these mega technology companies gain more and more customers. Revenue for these companies will always go up. Buy and hold forever. Google is a must buy right now. Google is the face of the internet and its founders are young with many years left to innovate. Apple leads the cell phone market. Microsoft leads the operating software market, and Amazon will replace most malls eventually. Those 4 are great stocks to buy and hold forever. Regardless of alarming news made to cause chaos and worries. Fuck the news. Think logically. All first world humans on the planet need Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple. These are leaders and will remain as leaders in the distant future.

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