SWIFT = 🌈🐻 for Visa and Mastercard via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

SWIFT = 🌈🐻 for Visa and Mastercard

The US used SWIFT sanctions back in 2014 against Russia. It only affected 2 of their banks at the time but it restricted Visa and Mastercard from doing any transactions with Russian citizens.

This is not an energy post. I firmly believe we can not sanction Russian energy…..but that’s for a different conversation.

Now with the population of Russia being 144 million or so, and assuming only 50% (conservative estimates) hold a Visa and/or Mastercard , is it safe to assume that the short term implications on these companies would be severely compromised?

Add to it the state of inflation and current economic status among several people worldwide. Do not underestimate the ego of Americans when it comes to status. For the the past 2 years money has been flowing like piss on an fetish whore’s face. As a country known for our ridiculous indulgence, I think it’s safe to say that not only will these SWIFT sanctions hurt these companies, but the almost certain delinquencies from Amercians now either out of stimulus money and/or rising inflation would likely lead to accelerated percentage of charge offs.

No positions yet, just discussion. Considering May 20, 200p for Visa

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