Stocks to watch next week GFAI SINC SBEV OWUV with quick research below via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Stocks to watch next week GFAI SINC SBEV OWUV with quick research below

GFAI just started getting noticed up 45%+ on the day. The stock is going up because the current market cap is only like 14M when the company is expecting over 30m in net revenues for the year 2021 and GFAI also locked in an extra 10M in a private placement last week so thats even additional value. The market cap is like 14m or something and the company actually has really good robotics compared to the competition. its a pretty good company actually, I’m surprised I found this one before big investment banks, the stock doesn’t even have analyst coverage yet.

SINC is another interesting one. They are closing on an acquisition this quarter bringing in 7-12m in the company plus they recently company retired 48 million shares earlier this year which brings down outstanding shares to 25m and the market cap to 17M at 0.68 cents a share. The company is still undiscovered and has over 100 commercial customers. Also the public float is only like 520,000 shares so it can spike pretty hard when they announce the acquisition news.

SBEV is another big one, The company is looking at some serious revenue growth, Walmart distribution, Ralph’s/Kroger $KR distribution, TapouT popular in UFC, celebrity/athlete partnerships, they company owns multiple lines of beverage brands, alcohol and non-alcohol. The CEO of SBEV is former VP of Redbull so he’s well connected in the beverage industry.

OWUV is starting to heat up too . The company is all over the place but in the hottest sectors. They are even buying land in the Metaverse such as decentraland and sandbox, celebrity/athlete partnerships, tubeless tires & more. It’s another solid company doing interesting things so keep it on watch, but it ran up before so its a bit older but the other 3 are more fresh

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