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Stock Value Models?

While I derive most of my browsing pleasure from YOLO loss porn I just know there are some smooth brains out there lurking that share my passion for poverty through more calculated methods. Most know about relatively simple discounted cash flow methods for calculating an intrinsic value for a “steady” company, but I feel so many opportunities to get clever with projections and valuations. The retard factor ( aka WSB phenomena), voting machine versus weighing machine concept, fed rate psychology, etc… I have been thinking about models incorporating concepts from Dalio’s explanation of the debt cycles or even a conservation type macro calculation. It’s been awhile since I put together useful Monte Carlo simulation but they would be good to study projections of whatever monstrosity(s) were thought up. It’s nice to think about the abstract but obviously the end goal is to develop useful information on price projections. I really believe that something developed and modified through a social setting like Reddit could be a game changer if done properly. If the concept were successful, sure there would be a feed-back problem, but that would mean progress in itself. Even if it’s just a running list of the most accurate user generated projections, that would be useful to understand what about those methods were successful. Any ideas?

Submitted March 22, 2022 at 02:50PM by ArtimusWayne
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