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Stock is the only place to survive

All this market self-off due to fed hike is bullshit. You have to look at the inflation. 7.5%. And that’s minimum i believe. Have you checked House prices or gas prices or potato prices?! Fcking double digit! So what do you do? You are not big fat rich neighbour of your cousin who can diversify into gold, or bonds which will fall as rates go up. You are stuck either with cash or stocks. Ray Dalio says Cash is trash( if you dont know who Ray D is you deserve to be in this sub) and I agree with him. You are basically down 7.5% minimum by staying in cash. So you buy stocks (not options, stocks). So what do you buy? You buy companies which can survive high inflation, rising rate hike. Bank stocks (they go up when rates do) , energy (oil is in high demand , fuck ESG investors and climate change advocates, oil is not going anywhere neither gas) there is more demand to oil and gas than to Viagra. Then you buy STRONG BALANCE SHEET tech companies who have been oversold but will likely keep going up – Facebook, Twitter , Google. Then you look at where supply chain issues have created a demand- Chips, graphics card. Nvidia, Amd may be few cents to drop on Intel.

Tldr : buy financials, energy, oversold strong balance sheet tech stocks. (Reminder again:Not options, stocks)

Thank me in 6-12months. Because thats horizon for this great bigly financial advice

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