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State of Reddit /r/Place 2022

It’s been a stressful 4 days but it’s finally over. It’s been a hell of a struggle after getting wiped out on day 1 and day 2. On day 3 we finally had enough people to solidify our presence in /r/place and defended it till the end. I guess with 12m subscribers people thought it would be a piece of cake but I knew it would be a struggle. We had multiple communities work together to attack us at every moment and in the end we persevered. Those of us who worked together to create have a sense of camaraderie that we might not have had before and have created a bond that brought us closer together as a community through this experiment. Those who worked to try to make us fail have exposed themselves. Many friendships were formed amongst those who chose to work together to create something. Thank you all for participating!

To our incredible allies:

/r/OSUgame: You guys are champions! Such an incredible community that spreads a positive vibe. Whenever we needed your help, you came and brought us back to life every time we were almost wiped out. We have so much respect for you. WSB thanks you for all you have done to help.

/r/EPITA: Our new friends from EPITA – School of Engineering and Computer Science in France. I don’t know what else to say about these individuals. They stuck by us through all the harassment and helped us rebuild and defend ourselves till the last moment. You all will always have friends here at wsb.

Also a special thanks to our neighbors and allies from

r/offliners r/evangelion r/monkeytype r/Ourworldofpixels r/AnimalCrossing

Thanks for being good neighbors and working with us instead of trying to invade us like the ones we had before.

I feel this experiment brought a sense of community that was missing ever since the gme situation. Let us continue on the same path and grow from here.

Thank you everyone!

check out for a timelapse created by our friends from /r/EPITA u/risson67 u/prosto_sanja

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