SPY and QQQ forming a dragon pattern on 5M charts via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

SPY and QQQ forming a dragon pattern on 5M charts

SPY and QQQ (/ES and /NQ respectively) are demonstrating (can’t spell demonstrating without demon or emo) a once in a lifetime dragon chart pattern. The dragon coils up drawing power from its neck, its back and its crack until it snaps the whip and brings down the hammer with all the might and ferocity of Japan in WW2 except this time it’s China and WW3 is upon us.

Dragon chart pattern winding up its neck, back and crack.

Although this is the year of the tiger this signals the coming year of the dragon in 2024 when Chinese people fight to take over the world in the year of the dragon. May this chart pattern be an omen to the future before the big boom boom blackout days. Speak the true true now or hold your piece.

Beware the market downtrend as the dragon tends to hoard assets (can’t spell asset without ass), riches, gold, it likes shiny things. The dragon will reclaim its riches by force if necessary. The dragon pattern will result in a steep decline like the powerful blast of fire from its mouth as it reclaims its riches with force.

Positions: TZA, SPXS, DNA, MOS, I like corn too but liquidated today for the localized pump top. SPCE to $3, PLTR to $7, BB is next pump sell GME at 100% gain don’t be a retard.

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