Shout out to my gamers out there! $FDEV via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Shout out to my gamers out there! $FDEV

Frontier Developments announced today that it will no longer be adding content or future updates to the console platforms (Xbox or PlayStation).

Their stocks took a MASSIVE hit last year after a botched attempt at releasing their much anticipated Odyssey expansion to their game Elite Dangerous. Once that happened they put a halt on console development while they worked on the bugs for the game on PC and vaguely eluded that they would work on the console version in time. Those of us who are fans waited anxiously for nearly a year to find out today, 3/10/22 that they have cancelled not only the expansion for this game on consoles but ALL FUTURE CONTENT.

Their stocks are already in a consistent decline and now without the outlook of a large chunk of income from a new release and being that this game (and others from its studios) do not have micro transactions outside of ship skins… I expect the stock for the company to begin slipping more rapidly.

Here is the announcement from the CEO himself:

I’m expecting this to be a relatively lucrative short or put game. Let me know what you all think!

As we say in the Elite Dangerous community. o7 Commander. Fly Dangerously.

Edit: Ticker is FDEV.l (Frontier Developments plc)

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