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Alright this is a serious question from someone who is bullish on silver and considers it substantially undervalued to other assets and therefore a good relatively long-term investment.

While I understand many of those who share the same view as me such as Redditors on Wall Street silver also have some far-fetched beliefs and theories about our current economic social and political climate, Why does it seem that so many here dismiss the idea that silver may in fact be a very good investment at this point in time?

From an economic standpoint our current situation including but not limited to, inflation which is arguably under reported, loose economic policy, negative real interest rates, and the undisputed fact that the US dollar has and is currently losing Frankly an unbelievable amount of its purchasing power, why does it seem that many people on this sub Reddit brush off the idea of silver as a valid investment?

In addition to the above, It would seem as though many other factors indicate that silver may very well undergo a large move to the upside in the coming years. This includes overall sentiment change toward investing in safe low risk assets, undeniably large groups purchasing more and more silver as we See Wall Street Silver Approaching 200,000 members, and Silver bugs approaching 100,000 members, silver being one of the few assets that is currently over 50% below its all time high, and technical analysis of both gold and silver showing very large cup and handle patterns – gold is arguably weeks to months away from completing the cup portion of its handle, confirming a break out. Considering the sheer size on the bases of these pattern formations, especially silver, and the fact that silver follows the price of gold and often out performs it during metals bull markets, why is it so unreasonable to think that based on past moves, we could see a doubling or tripling in silver price?

Additionally, as I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing, it is fact that silver is not only a monetary medal but also has Tremendous value as an industrial metal – not only are individuals investing or collecting silver for personal purposes, in fact major industries must purchase it, as it is crucial for the production of almost all electronics, solar, and electric vehicles.

Again, considering the aforementioned facts, could someone explain why it is so unreasonable to think that silver may reach $100? And I’m not stating that a silver squeeze can, cannot, will, or will not happen, but we saw that exact thing happened to nickel just a few days ago as it increased 250% in price over the course of one day.

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