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[Serious] Panic is not a strategy

Our lord and saviour Jim Cramer has told us, time and again, that panic is not a strategy. We can thank him for this trope and for his infinitely wise enjoinder, it would certainly have saved my ass, of taking profit.

Everybody, like the retarded apes we all are, is shitting their pants because the house is finally coming down.

Once again referring to Jimmy Chill, the man who has YOUR best interests at heart: there’s always a bull market somewhere.

The question that entertains our spirits today should not be how fast can we pull out of the sinking ship, the question is: who is making money even in this freak show of a market and how do we make a profit off of it?

The Fed could crash the entire stock market by just stomping on the brakes, but clearly that can’t be the idea. Also, this is an election year. Having the entire economy slamming into the wall can’t be prudent policy.

In 2008 the market had to crash because the game of thrones of the real estate CDOs was such a nasty play that it could not stay afloat. This is a different kind of disaster what with the enormous debt the Fed has bought and controlled. It will be sound policy to get rid of [most of] that, it doesn’t have to happen, and I’d be surprised if it did, all on the same day, right?

So, I beg your collective wisdom, such as it is: who is going to be making out like a bandit here?


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