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SAVA scientist has paper retraction

I know that people will call me a FUDster and what not. However, as a scientist, I find the SAVA saga to be interesting. There is plenty written about this, but to summarize. Short sellers went through some weird ass citizen’s petition to the FDA to stop the SAVA phase 3 clinical trial. There are a bunch of preliminary studies that have super sketchy results that look photoshopped (happens more than one could think: if you ever want to get depressed, hop on retractionwatch).

At any rate, FDA has said that the CP has no standing moving on. So onwards and upwards? Well… Not really. One of the lead scientists, Dr. Wang, is a faculty member at CUNY (his lab produced the sketch results). Recently, a paper was retracted in a journal “Molecular Neurodegeneration.” I have included a link to the pubpeer, which is interesting because the corresponding author engaged skeptics and stated that they were retracting a resubmitting without the figure of concern and trying to replicate the experiments in question. Now this paper has nothing to do with SAVA. However, Dr. Wang is the next most senior author and collaborator on this paper. Now in scientific publishing we have an author contribution section. There, it states, “HYW [Dr. Wang] conducted the synaptosome experiments.” These are the experiments featured in the retracted figure. There is an ongoing investigation into Dr. Wang at CUNY, which is likely to end poorly if this finding is included in the investigation (especially because it could put NIH funding at risk for the institution, which is a big deal).

If the CUNY inquiry finds that Dr. Wang has engaged in scientific misconduct, this will lead to a lot of issues for SAVA. The biggest issue is that Dr. Wang’s lab performed validation studies for biomarkers in clinical trials. Initial findings from external labs showed poor performance of SAVA’s lead compound, but his lab showed it worked very well. At any rate, this is an interesting development. I have no idea if SAVA’s compound does anything, but I would expect a temporary to permanent halt of the PH3 trial if bad news breaks here.

Postions or ban: 10 p50 4/1 in case CUNY findings come out soon with plans to initial long dated puts when some RSUs vest this weekend.

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